motor starter panels

Custom Motor Starters

We build custom starters from parts on hand quickly—for small and large horsepower motors. Thus you can get a customized motor starter from us that's tailored to your needs without a long wait.

From stock: full voltage starters to size 5, custom solid state soft starters to 500hp, and variable speed drives to 200hp. Of course we source larger components quickly via air freight and special delivery - often overnight.

Special applications may include harsh environmental conditions, tight space requirements, special electrical protection, situations where its important to reduce the amount of in-rush current, high temperatures, the list goes on as there are many special motor applications.

For custom starter projects, we will design the system, source all the components, manufacture and fully test the unit, provide on-site commissioning plus spare parts and follow up maintenance. As well, we can quickly deliver and install the units.

Contact us with your requirements and we'll provide you with options and delivered prices.

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