Uninterruptible Power Systems - UPS

1000 Series 1.0–3.0kVA

1000 Series is a single phase UPS, available in 1.0kVA, 1.5kVA, 2.0kVA & 3.0kVA. This series offers both the tower and the rack mount design solutions. As a double conversion on-line UPS, it is able to supply uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to your critical system.

  • Auto-Restart and Cold Start
  • Programmable Load Shed Receptacle
  • Intelligent Charger with Rapid Charge in only 4.0 hours to 90%
  • Wide Input Voltage Window
  • Wide Input Frequency Window for Generator Compatibility

1000 Series UPS Brochure

1000 Series UPS Manual


1600XP 3.6–22kVA

1600XP Series is single phase double-conversion UPS, available in a range of sizes: 3.6kVA, 6.0kVA, 8kVA, 10.0kVA, 14kVA, 18kVA & 22kVA. This series offers a tower design solution with a LCD touchscreen display that provides unmatched access for UPS monitoring and control.

As a double conversion on-line UPS, it is able to supply uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to your critical systems while keeping batteries charged continuously. From a name that is synonymous with quality this system combines true on-line technology, state of the art electronics and the Toshiba name to offer a high reliability UPS.

1600XP Series UPS Brochure

1600XP Series UPS Manual


4200FA XT 15–80kVA

The 4200FA Series is a State of the Art designed UPS to meet all customers needs. The newly designed 4200FA Series offers a number of options to satisfy your needs. The 4200FA Series has the largest input voltage/frequency window in the industry. This allows for the unit to be user friendly to the batteries, thus extending the life of battery. The front end IGBT design allows it to work optimally at 0-100% load with low less than 3% THD on the input. This allows for one to one sizing of the Generator. The 4200FA Series also offers a Standard Three Year Warranty. The XT model allows for internal isolation transformers built in the cabinet. The XT is built for extreme conditions and a large variety of three phase voltage applications.

4200FA Series UPS Brochure

4200FA Series UPS Manual


G8000MM Series 100–750kVA (Parallel)

Toshiba introduces the G8000MM UPS to the Multi Module UPS Market. The G8000MM combines Toshiba reliability and performance with ultimate flexibility to meet the needs of growing businesses.

  • 100-750kVA (Parallel)
  • Upgrade from Single Module to Parallel Module Anytime
  • Eliminating Static Bypass Cabinet (Reduces Footprint)
  • .9 Output Power Factor
  • IGBT Converter Reduces Input Current Harmonics (THD)

G8000MM Series UPS Brochure

G8000MM Series UPS Manual


G9000 Series 80–750kVA

The G9000 series UPS is available in capacities of 80, 100, 160, and 225 KVA and comes with an industry-leading three-year onsite warranty. It is designed for stand-alone or parallel use in up to four-unit configurations without requiring the use of a special switchgear cabinet.

Using the new Toshiba IGBT technology in the rectifier/converter, DC/DC chopper, and the inverter sections of the UPS, the G9000's double-conversion topology provides an AC/DC/AC efficiency of 96.5% at loads from 50% to 100%. Even at 20% loading, the efficiency remains greater than 94%. This is 10% to 20% better than current industry systems, making the G9000 excellent for N+1 parallel systems where loads are typically 30-40%.

G9000 Series UPS Brochure

G9000 Series UPS Manual

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