Toshiba Motor Controls

We stock and service and wide variety of motor control including Toshiba, Eaton, and others.

Toshiba produces top of line, large horspower, premium equipment that is in keeping with the manufacturer of the world's best motors.

In addition to small and large hp variable frequency drives we stock solid state starters, vacuum contactors and electronic motor protection relays suitable for large horsepower motors (including medium voltage motor applications).

medium voltage motor starter panel

Our Toshiba Motor Controls:

Toshiba Reduced Voltage Solid State Starters

Toshiba Reduced Voltage Solid-State Starters

Providing more sophisicated control each of these starters includes many standard features making them suitable for tough applications. These starters provide soft start control for smooth starting and reduced inrush current.

  • Compact Design
  • Voltage Ramp & Current Limit start method
  • Soft stop, (DC injection optional)
  • Voltage rating 208-600VAC
  • 125% Continuous Rating
  • 500% Overload for 60 Seconds
  • 600% Overload for 30 Seconds

Toshiba TS/TD/TX Series Solid State Starter Brochure

Toshiba TD Series LV Solid State Starter Manual - Part 1

Toshiba TD Series LV Solid State Starter Manual - Part 2

Toshiba Medium Voltage JK Vacuum Starters

Medium Voltage JK Starters

The JK series Starter/ Controller Series is designed for use as a controller for transformers and capacitor switching as well as an induction, wound rotor and synchronous motor starter. This design can be configured as individual controllers/starters or in control center lineups with incoming disconnect switches or in conjunction (bussed) with Toshiba HVK switchgear.

As a starter, the JK series is available in the following types:

  • Full Voltage Non-Reversing (FVNR)
  • Full Voltage Reversing (FVR)
  • Reduced Voltage Autotransformer (RVAT)
  • Solid State Starter (SSS)

The product line incorporates the following features:

  • Safety interlock grounded in the open position
  • Patented bolted pressure isolation switch connections
  • Zero insertion pressure for increased life
  • Separate medium and low voltage compartments
  • Toshiba vacuum contactors, 400A and 720A (U.S. manufactured)
  • Current limiting, high interrupting power fuses
  • CSA and UL listings**

JK400 Series includes: One or two-high design on FVNR or feeder design, no internal power cables and streamlined, space saving 30" wide design.

JK Indoor FVNR Medium Voltage Starter 2 high NEMA1 Brochure

JK Indoor FVNR Medium Voltage Starter 2 high NEMA1 Manual

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